How To Buy

If you are interested in purchasing, please write to me from my contact page.

US buyers: Shipping, handling, tracking, and insurance are free. State sales tax is owed only if shipping is to an address in Michigan, but I will pay that for you. If you have any questions please write before buying.

International buyers (this includes Canada): Please write for S&H before buying; you will need to add it to the purchase price. You are responsible for any customs fees or duty your country may charge. I won't falsify customs forms, so please don't ask.

I will never use the word 'quilt' on the outside of the package because that substantially increases the risk of theft from the mails. For the same reason, I won't use surface mail internationally.

Also Included Except for matted pieces, there will be a sleeve on the back of the quilt for hanging on the wall. You will need a slat or rod slightly longer than the sleeve and no quite as wide as the quilt Put holes or screw eyes at the ends of the rod. Use picture wire or filament line (such as fishing line) for hanging. This makes the hanging system invisible and it looks like your art quilt is floating on the wall. Or, you can use a decorative hanging system of your choice.

If there is no price shown, either the quilt is not for sale or it is committed to a future exhibit. You might still be able to purchase it if you're willing to wait for delivery. You can write to me to ask by going to the Contact page.

I accept commissions. If you want a wall hanging made especially for you, please go to the contact page to write to me. We can discuss it. Please note, I don't make garments, baby quilts or bed quilts.




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